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Mailsomething is a project hosted at sourceforge.

The focus of the project is to create a client side project tool. Which include features like mail, tasks (lists), calendar - appointments, contacts, and similar project related tools. With a group perspective. Currently the frontend is a swing-gui, but a html frontend, or using a whole other toolkit like swt, could be possibilities.

How to implement this, client - server, or more distributed, is still not final. Probably several implementations/possibilyties will be available. Currently, the work goes towards hooking the client up on php-scripts on a server with mysql, ie, a server similar to a sourceforge projectserver. This server implementation is choosen because its relatively simple, and because it will make the use of the serverpart more widely available. And, it would be self-serving - give a tool for this project.

Later, one could imagine both an rmiimplementation, and perhabs a more peer 2 peer structure. The last would though require a whole other design, ie, moving the projecthandling code from the server to the client. But at that point, an existing working frontend implementing a project logic should make it easier to change the underlying mechanismes.

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CFactory contains gui related code that will be used by Mailsometing.
Enable should keep any server specific code.

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